Fifty Years on L Court – By Paul Brozen

This past season was the 50th consecutive year that the Brozen family has rented L-33 at Silver Point Beach Club.  The journey to Silver Point started in 1958, when I was 2 and we rented Cabana i-5.  Like many families at Silver Point even to this day, we were a multi generational cabana with: my father’s parents Charles and Madeline; my parents Eugene and Anita and myself with my 2 brothers Neil and David.

The cabana was quite simple back then.  A changing area in the back with a cold shower, a bi-folding aluminum table that was never very steady and a one door GE round door refrigerator with a small freezer inside.  There was never enough ice cubes on those hot summer days and the infamous “Scotch Cooler” never held the cold for long. Most of the time we ate on white round paper plates that never held up to much cutting or anything else.

One of my fondest memory occurred at dinner time.  My dad dropped the London Broil in the sand after he took it off the charcoal grill.  Off he went to the bathroom to wash off the sand in the bathroom sink.  Back to the grill for a quick re-heat and then viola….steak is served.  The remainder of the meal was done by cooking on an electric hot plate.  There were no microwave ovens, toaster ovens, sinks wIth a faucet or running hot water.  When hot water was needed to wash the dishes, the kettle was used with the electric hot plate to make hot water.

I turned 10 in the summer of 1966, and by then I had explored every square mile
of the property, from the end of the rock jetty to the cove on Reyonlds Channel.  After watching the sundown from L court one summer evening, I told my parents about this unique court that faced the water.  Also, it was warmer in the early evening since L court faced west, unlike i court which faced east and was in the shade and very cool after the sun set.

Summer of 1967 we rented L-33 and enjoyed our water view of Reynolds Channel,
the incredible sundowns and a small court that knew how to party.  And it was a shorter trip from the charcoal grill to the cabana, my dad never dropped our dinner in the sand and the good times were yet to come.

Next episode..learning how to surf, riding by bicycle to the club from Queens and driving to the club in my first car.